I am a classically trained musician (ABRSM) & teach piano & singing as well as being a vocal coach. I teach piano/keys, singers and voice users in both private & group vocal lessons. I teach at various Stage Schools around the South East including The Theatre Workshop and on various workshops throughout the year. I also teach at Shoreham College.

Whilst teaching all different genres of music and singing from classical to pop, I also like to bring out my students individual, unique voice and more. Lessons are fun and inspiring and I can help you learn to sing and play and absolutely love it! I am always interested in each new singer and pianist I meet and always begin with a chat to make sure lessons are tailored to each individual student. Whether it be the grading ABRSM exam route which includes sight reading, music theory and learning classical pieces or just playing and singing for fun, I help students feel more confident performing onstage and help singers and pianists to obtain their goals of a career in their chosen field. I also teach the LAMDA - musical theatre syllabus which includes learning and performing musical pieces as well as monologues and acting.  The Trinity Rock and Pop syllabus teaches singers who are interested in the pop/rock industry about the workings of a studio environment as well as performing in a live studio set up on stage and through a mic.

Lessons will include help with vocal technique, stage fright, confidence, performance, recording technique, emotional connection with music, understanding of the vocal anatomy and more.  I encourage improvisation in my classes including teaching how to harmonise and arranging music and song structures. I also have recording facilities which I use in my lessons which my studetns love! I teach singers in bands and in the musical theatre industry helping them with song writing development, encouraging their creativity and voice development.

I am a classically trained musician. This is my real passion in life. I am a singer/songwriter and I compose music, which is suitable for short movies and I’m currently working towards writing a musical. I record and produce music in my basic studio set up at home using Logic Pro. I have sung and played in original and function bands since I was 16 and toured and worked with many wonderful musicians. I also do session work and teach song writing and artist development on various workshops throughout the year. Charity and giving something back is very important to me and i regularly put on music fundraising nights to raise money for various charities and organizations.

Teaching singing and piano/keyboards to children and adults of all ages gives me a real sense of achievement. When I can make a difference and teach the musical skills that I have learned over the years. To see my students succeed and develop their chosen instrument and creativity and knowing I taught them those skills and helped them on their musical journey is wonderful!


Any queries about lessons, costs and packages please get in touch using the contact form.


INDIVIDUAL LESSONS                                  BLOCK LESSONS

£38 - 60 minutes                                          60 minutes - £350 - 10 lessons

£28 - 45 minutes                                          45 minutes - £260 - 10 lessons

£20 - 30 minutes                                          30 minutes - £180 - 10 lessons







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