Julia recently recorded the album 'Songbird'. Together with session drummer Fabio Sclafani and bassist Philip Bedford, the line up was completed with lead guitarist Jack Fleming. Their diverse musical backgrounds and unanimous love of classical to rock and everything in between gives the album a unique edge; with soft melding keyboards, atmospheric guitar and haunting melodies.


Fused with influences from bands such as Muse, Radiohead, Kate Bush, Portishead and Pink Floyd, Julia's diversity and arrangements range from heartfelt ballads to powerful soulful anthems. Singer/songwriter Julia says, “My whole life has been about music and song writing. I write all different genres of music but my real passion is using my classical background mixed with my love of rock and jazz music. My songs are written straight from the heart and I just want to share my passion and love of music".


credits and much love to...

Jack Fleming - lead guitar

Jack Flemming

Jack has been playing guitar for the past eleven years and is currently finishing a BA (Hons) in Professional Musicianship at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music. Taking influence from artists such as Iron Maiden, The Pixes, Muse and Deadmau5 Jack combines his passion for rock orientated guitar riffs and grooves with the aesthetics of dance music. He also offers private lessons and tuition based within central Brighton.






Philip Bedford -Bass

Phil Bedford

Phil Bedford has played guitar from childhood. Ten years ago he transferred his skills to base guitar and has never looked back. Phil has played on the local circuit for many years, playing with live bands, on studio sessions and worked composing for Sony Studios London. Phil has a BA in Composition / Production Music, and enjoys both the intricacies of a good composition as well as finding himself in the middle of an intense improvised jam



Fabio Sclafani - drums

Fabio Sclafanis

Italian born Fabio Sclafanis passion for music and drums started at the age of 6. He studied as an autodidact, participating in master classes with many famous Italian and International drum players. Influenced by different styles of music, Fabio has played and recorded with various cover and original bands including a Dire Straits tribute band and Carmen Pascucci. He is the Managing Director of Association Ova, which organise fund-raising events for cancer research.